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UPTU is back. UP Assembly okays merger bill
By Rajiv Shukla
On March 21 the UP assembly passed the UP Technical University (Amendment) Bill 2013 merging Mahamaya Technical University Gautambudha Nagar with UP Technical University.U S Tomer

The Bill will come into effect the day it is notified in the official gazette.

UP Technical University was split into two universities with their respective territorial jurisdiction, roughly dividing the state into western and eastern territories with most tech education colleges going to Mahamaya university. With the end of Mayawati raj in UP the Mahamaya University heydays came to an end.

The passage of the UPTU amendment bill is being considered as a personal victory of UP Technical University Registrar Mr U S Tomer who lobbied hard for the proposed bill. The Bill may get the approval of the upper house in a couple of months and is expected to be notified in the first week of August.

Introducing the bill in the Lower house Parliamentary Affairs minister Azam Khan said that the splitting of the UPTU into two universities in 2010 was giving trouble to academic administrators of the two universities and had led to wide qualitative gap in their academic and examining standards forcing the UP government to unify the two universities.

The unified university, according to the bill, will be named UP Technical University, and would be based in Lucknow.

UP Technical University was established by an Act of UP assembly in 2000, notified on May 8, 2000 with Dr Durg Singh Chauhan as its first vice-chancellor. It was established as an affiliating university but it later inducted Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), Lucknow and HBTI, Kanpur as constituent colleges.

The teachers of IET, Lucknow by virtue of its close proximity have been grabbing all the key administrative posts of the UPTU leaving crumbs to Harcourt Butler Technological Institute (HBTI) faculty who often sulk in envy and at time in disdain.  



 No takers. One lakh GBTU seats to remain vacant

LUCKNOW: More than one lakh engineering seats of Gautam Buddh Technical University will remain unoccupied, as against the 1.6 lakh engineering seats, less than 54,000 students who qualified the state entrance exam (a qualifying exam for admission to engineering colleges) would seek admission.

The colleges will then be allowed to fill up the seats through direct admission after counselling closes finally. This means colleges would be selling seats rather than attracting quality students for admission.

Sources said that only 54,200 students verified their documents in the past 10 days were now entitled to admission. “The situation is grim. And given the past record, toppers of SEE do not take admission here. They go to IITs and other premier institutes. So there will be a lot many vacant seats.” said a source.

Despite this embarrassing situation, GBTU vice chancellor RK Khandal put up a brave face, saying, “Last year hardly 40,000 students took admission. From that perspective, things are slightly better this year. But we certainly need to come up with some idea to attract enough students to fill up seats in engineering colleges in the state.”

He assured that from next year, the situation would be different. “We are taking a few measures that will ensure that the number of applicants will increase. We will market the course well and attract more rural students who do not know much about this engineering university,” he said.

The university is also planning to tie up with 10+2 educational institutions. “The department of science and technology (DST) runs a scheme called INPIRE. It promotes scientific temperament among students. We will stimulate their minds to take up engineering when they grow up,” the vice chancellor said.

In fact, the writing was on the wall since the very beginning. The nNumbers of B Tech seats were more than the number of candidates who qualified the test. Against 1,41,537 BTech seats, 1,24,015 candidates qualified when the SEE results was declared on May 28.

The situation for all 3 masters courses, MBA, MCA and MAM, was even more worrying. There were only 8,750 qualified candidates for 40,680 MBA seats, 5,151 for 9,215 MCA seats and 100 for 180 MAM seats.
(Courtesy : Hindustan Times, Lucknow)


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